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General Update - 2/18

Updated: Feb 18, 2023

Hallows Transition

  • There are 23 households who have committed to Christ's bride in West Seattle until at least June 2023.

  • As of February 1st 2023, the Hallows is still one church with three expressions. The Elders have made encouraging progress in dividing assets and liabilities that will allow for each of our expressions (Edmonds, Wallingford, and West Seattle) to be financially self-sustained and spiritually healthy individual churches.

Launch of New Website

  • The West Seattle Transition Leadership Team has put together a website that will act as a hub for updates, vision, and resources specific to the Hallows West Seattle expression during this season of transition.

  • This website will grow and change to serve us as a community during the various seasons we will encounter during this time of transition


February Fast

  • We are continuing this month of focused fasting and prayer as we trust in God and ask him for his direction and shepherding during this time of transition.

  • The purpose of this fast is two-fold: 1. As an act of faith as a Church body to commit ourselves, our leaders, and every outcome, to God. (Acts 14:23) 2. As an intercession for the lost of our community. (Isiah 58:6)

  • The individual call to action is to find a regular time to fast and/or pray during February. As a group, we will be meeting for 45 minutes every Sunday morning at 9:45am, and every Monday evening at 6:30pm.

  • Learn more

Post-Service Family Lunches

  • Join us for our next family potluck lunch, Sunday February 26th. View our calendar to see the schedule. Details regarding food and volunteer needs will soon follow.

  • We will be sharing an exciting update about how the Lord has been working among our three expressions as we pursue the making of three distinct, healthy churches by His grace.

  • Please email Cheri Haby if you'd like to bring a dish or help in any way;

  • View the calendar of events to see all lunches that are currently planned into June.

Kids' Ministry + Nursery Re-Launch!

  • Thanks to the generous donation of time and talent from many in our faith family, the Nursery & Kids Ministry has been operating weekly since February 5th.

  • Jamaica and the current volunteers would appreciate any time you are able to offer that would allow us to continue offering these services in a sustainable way.

  • Please reach out to Jamaica if you feel led to help, or with any questions:


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