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Have you ever tried being three places at once? It's difficult. We're finite creatures whose time and attention doesn't scale well.

This was the reality that we were confronted with throughout the past decade of growth as Hallows Church.

As Hallows grew, so did the difficulty of being a thriving outpost of the gospel in each of our communities.

Let's start at the beginning. 

The Hallows Church was planted in Wallingford in 2012 by a handful of families with the vision to make disciples in the city of Seattle. After a few years of fruitful growth, Hallows was approached by other mission-minded Christians who shared a similar desire, yet were closing their church doors West Seattle. With that, a church building -- the one we currently have on the corner of 35th and Cloverdale was generously gifted to the Hallows and this second expression was launched in West Seattle in 2015 alongside the pre-existing expression in Wallingford. In 2017, a similar development occurred with a group of people in Edmonds which launched the Hallows Edmonds expression.

This created the “one church in three expressions” model that existed for 6 years.


During a difficult 2022, the Elder team began to discern God’s will for our ”one church in three expressions” to become three separate churches that would enable each group of Jesus followers to focus more earnestly on the communities in which they were planted: Edmonds, Wallingford, and West Seattle.

In the spring of 2023, West Seattle Church at 35th and Cloverdale was formed as it's own legal entity.


As an established church with a 7-year history in the neighborhood, we find ourselves now with a highly engaged and excited body of believers who are sustained by God’s grace and leaning into His calling to continue meeting, worshiping, encouraging, supporting, teaching, and admonishing each other as Christ’s bride in West Seattle.


By God's grace and providence, we called Tyler Whitman to be our Lead Pastor in October of 2023. We now look forward to what God has in store for this body in the many years to come.  

West Seattle Church_Hallows Timeline.jpg

Our elders will help us shape our vision for how to best engage each other and this community as faithful Jesus followers. 

Want to learn more? We'd love to share the story of God's faithfulness throughout this journey over a cup of coffee.


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